Solutions & Services

Hewel proposes a collection of professional solutions and services that facilitate use of Digital Microscope Slides, for your research projects or teaching sets, for single or group use.

Interact and share information within a group, easily and intuitivly without being an IT specialist. Just focus on what matter for you!


A portable local server for your digital slides storage, conversion, wireless diffusion and annotations. Works with Hewel’s Apps for iPad, such as HistoWel.

« Plug&Play » use. It works everywhere: no Internet connection required!

Add your own digital slides (via automatical USB transfer) or use Hewel’s service ScanToBox to digitalize and store your physical slides.

Compatible with high resolution slides produced from Whole Slides Imagers (.ndpi, .svs and .jpeg files).


An iPad App dedicated to analyse and annotate digital slides, specially designed for Digital Pathology and medical experts.

Intuitivly manipulate high resolution images (up to 5Go) smoothly and instantanantly, without any jerk.

Create as many Regions Of Interest as you want, share them, annotate them and consolidate the results of your group : number of counts, sort by types, statistics, measures, etc.

Save and export the results easily for your report.

Suitable for single or group use. Up to 20 people.


A service dedicated to facilitate and organize research slides or teaching sets.

It includes:

  • Digitalization of your physical slides to produce high resolution professional images (magnifience at 20x, 40x or 60x), meeting high standard requirements
  • Storage of your digital slides on a cloud server, automatically transferred for a local storage on your HewelBox via cloud transfer

Great for managing research projects, preparing lectures and conferences!

Applications & End Users


Healthcare & Life Sciences

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Semiconductor & Electronics

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Hospitals & Clinical Labs




Headquartered in Normandy (France) with an office in Paris, Hewel is a startup specialized in digital vizualisation solutions for still high value added images, such as Digital Slides. The company is involved in the development of intuitive and performing professionnal visual display solutions dedicated for real day to day use by practionners.

Hewel was born from a gathering of microscopists, image experts and researchers, with an initial focus on Digital Pathology stakes.

Strengthened by these early developments, the company has since diversified its fields of application and meets now the needs of many fields of activity.